Works on Canvas

Three Equals One

Slanted Perspective

Long Lost Scene

Layered Space 2

Understanding Desires

Last Temptation

Morpheus Dreams

Red Mountain Stream

Layered Space 1

Aboard the Constellation

Katherine's Morning

Bruno's Choice

Winter River

Crossing Sharon

Final Crossing

Kadina Crossing

Katherine's Early Evening View

California Fire 2

LaDonna's Hidden Morning Scene

Mystic Lake, As I Remembered

Stormy Morning

Sugar Daddy

Three Rivers

Angela's Vision

For Ever Faithful

Epicurean Divisions

Athena and the Contest for Athens

Taking the Inland Path Alone

Drawing Strength from Manitou

Icarus and His Attempt
to Escape Crete

Venus and the Evening Star

Metzi and Her Fear of the Sun

Underlying Lingering Emotions

Arinna the Paramount Chthonic

Lustful Inspirations

Clear Water Range

Red Barn and Pine

Red Mountain Pass

Moon Over Rapid Creek

Red in the Morning

Rocky Creek

Sunset at Black Hill Range

The Dancer's Dream

Envisioned Dreams

River View Horizon

Explosive Evening Sky

Placid Day

Red Mountain Bend

Crossing Streams

Red Mountain Range

Coming Out of the Darkness

Day Dreams

Emerging Fear

Fullfillment of Her Dream