Works on Paper

Morning Grace

Vivid Land

Lonely Pond

Rushing Water

A View from Dar's Porch Series 2

Ava's Rocky Peaks

Cross Section

Early Morning Wonder

Illusive Landscape

Early Spring Storm

Just Outside of Town

Luminous Landscape

Kirsten's Michigan Scene Study

Maroon Landscape Series III

Mistic Skyline

Monday Sunrise

Moon Rise Over Blue Mountain

Mossy Tree Covered Pond

Mountain Side Landscape Study

Reflective Landscape

Emily’s Defining Moment

Cyndy’s Next Adventure

The Siren’s Temptation

The Passion of Aphrodite and Ares

Moon Palace

Hades Evening

Habaek’s Water Kingdom

Unconscious Acts
of Contrition

After Sharon’s Cancer

False Confessions

Meghan Smiles

Sam’s Song